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Ensuring the safety of a border community

Netiv HaAsara – Perimeter Security Road
About the Project:
KKL-JNF implemented the construction of a 1.2 km perimeter security road for a new neighborhood in Netiv HaAsara. The Gaza border moshav, the community closest to the Gaza Strip, has suffered rocket attacks for many years, and the project serves to protect and reinforce it. The road is used by patrol units guarding Netiv HaAsara from terrorist infiltration and provides rapid access to and from the moshav.
Be a Partner...
  • Help protect Netiv HaAsara, located on the Gaza border, with a security and escape route from the invasion of terrorists.
  • Ensure the continuity of a vetern border community by providing it with security infrastructure.
Who will benefit?
  • The people who live in Netiv HaAsara, a veteran Gaza border community.
  • The young families who will be living in a new neighborhood in the northern part of Netiv HaAsara, situated near the border.
  • Residents of and vistors to the western Negev.
Project Details:
Project components of the 1.2 km perimeter security road included earth works, bedding, drainage and asphalt paving. Project components of the 1.2 km perimeter security road included earth works, bedding, drainage and asphalt paving. ^Donors will receive appropriate recognition.
Netiv HaAsara is located on Israel's southern coastal plain, just north of the Gaza Strip border and some 12 km south of Ashkelon.
Netiv HaAsara was named in honor and memory of the ten soldiers who were killed in the 1971 helicopter crash south of Rafah. The moshav was established in the Zikim dunes after its evacuation from the Hevel Yamit region, as part of the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty and Israel's withdrawal from Sinai in 1982. Approximately 800 people live in Netiv HaAsara, which was originally an agricultural association. Today, only a few of its residents are engaged in agriculture for their livelihoods, growing flowers, vegetables and spices, both for export and the local market. As part of its commitment to the development of the Negev and its communities, KKL-JNF has played an important role in developing Nativ HaAsara. In recent years, KKL-JNF helped expand the community by preparing 71 plots of land for housing to absorb new families as well as relocating the moshav's peripheral fence. KKL-JNF also created a peripheral security road, planted a forest between the community and the Gaza Strip, and built a water reservoir, park and scenic lookout in the moshav. Netiv HaAsara is the closest community in Israel to the Gaza Strip (approx. 100 meters), and since the 2005 IDF withdrawal from Gaza, it has been the target of Qassam rockets, mortar shells and snipers. The project to expand and attract new families will strengthen the residents and ensure the continued existence of the community. KKL-JNF invites its friends throughout the world to partner in this important project.
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