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A Negev forest playground

Shokeda Forest – Picnic Site with Playground Equipment
“It’s important for every child to get out into the countryside, and even more so for our children. They must be given the opportunity to enjoy nature, breathe in the fresh air, smell the flowers and enjoy the view.” Sima Cherniak, Principal of Beersheba’s School, "HaShahar" - for children with developmental issues.
About the Project:
The Shokeda Forest is located in the Gaza envelope, six km from the Gaza Strip border, within the range of rocket fire and incendiary kites and balloons. That said, the forest is one of the main sites of anemones, which blanket the forest floor during winter and spring, attracting scores of visitors form near and far. KKL-JNF is planning a new, accessible picnic and recreation site in the Shokeda Forest, enabling everyone, including people with disabilities, to experience being surrounded by and enjoy the beauty of anemones in bloom. A playground—an attraction in itself—is being planned adjacent to the accessible picnic and recreation site for the many families who visit the forest.
Be a Partner...
  • Create a picnic and recreation site for visitors who flock to the northwestern Negev to enjoy the beauty of anemones in bloom.
  • Develop a playground for families seeking quality leisure time with their children.
  • Provide accessibility to an inviting picnic and recreation site for the enjoyment of all.
Who will benefit?
  • Hikers and visitors
  • Families
  • Schoolchildren
  • Visitors to festivals and events held in the Shokeda Forest and its environs
  • Cyclists
Project Details:
Project components include challenging/extreme playground equipment on a rubber safety surface, disabled parking spaces, concrete path, concrete paved open space/plaza, accessible picnic bench and table, trash receptacles, accessible drinking fountains, barrier poles, rockery, seating created on the rockery.
The site is in the Shokeda Forest, located in the northwestern Negev, 1.5 km west of Moshav Shokeda and less than 15 km from the Gaza border.
The Shokeda Forest is located in the northwestern Negev, under the jurisdiction of the Sdot Negev Regional Council. Most of the forests' trees, which KKL-JNF began planting in 1957, are eucalyptus, pine and casuarina, proven suitable for the loess plains and the climatic conditions of the region. The forest also boasts veteran tamarisk trees, estimated to be from the British Mandate or even the end of the Ottoman period. Moshav Shokeda, Kfar Maimon and Kibbutz Alumim, which border the forest, have joined with KKL-JNF and the Sdot Negev Regional Council to create a community forest that serves to protect the forest's natural values and its historical sites and develops picnic and recreation sites and hiking and cycling trails. The Shokeda Forest was officially inaugurated as a community forest on Sukkot, October 2014. During the month of February, the forest floor is carpeted with spectacular anemones, attracting many visitors to the region's South Red Festival.
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