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Marketing Materials
Hi-Tech Workers will Move to Beersheba and Kiryat Shmona, Translated by KKL-JNF from the original Hebrew article on YNET, 20/02/2020
Expanding Israel’s startup nation beyond the borders of Tel Aviv and its environs, attracting 1.5 million new residents to the Negev and Galilee, promoting education at all levels and creating new growth engines for the Israeli economy – all these form part of KKL-JNF’s Israel 2040 Plan. If this vision is realized, KKL-JNF World Chairman Daniel Atar promises that “instead of looking for work in California’s Silicone Valley, people from all over the world will be seeking jobs in the Negev.”
Periphery on the Rise, Translated from the original Hebrew article by Itamar Ganot, April 19, 2020, Maariv Around 9,000 new immigrants [from English-speaking countries] have settled in the Negev and Galilee over the past two years, according to the Nefesh B'Nefesh organization, which, together with KKL-JNF, operates a program to encourage Aliyah and strengthen Israel’s periphery.
Israel 2040 - Executive Summary, December 2019 (English, German)
KKL-JNF Sits with Regional Authorities, Academics and Planners to Discuss Strengthening the Negev and Galilee,
December 25, 2019 “Project 2040 will breathe new life into Israel’s periphery”, said KKL-JNF World Chairman Danny Atar, at the Israel 2040 conference in Nof HaGalil
ISRAEL 2040 - Working Meeting - Elad Shamir, CEO, Kinneret AgroTech Center (Presentation), November 2019
ISRAEL 2040 - Working Meeting - Adi Fux (Fuchs) - Department of Information Systems, Jezreel Valley College. (Presentation), November 2019
ISRAEL 2040 - Working Meeting - Ahiav Golan, CEO, Braude College. (Presentation), November 2019
ISRAEL 2040 - Working Meeting - Yitzhak Meron, Director, ISRAEL 2040 (Presentation), November 2019
KKL-JNF Brief (fall 2019)
Highlighting the ISRAEL 2040 plan (translation of document issued from the KKL-JNF Public Relations Department, September 2019)  
  Israel 2040 – Moving to the Land of Tomorrow (Brochure) 
General brochure + Includes business card insert with barcode to Israel 2040 website. (2019)  
  Israel 2040 – Moving to the Land of Tomorrow (Brochure)
Including donor opportunities for high-tech education and facilities projects in the periphery and featuring KKL-JNF Houses for Excellence. (Special edition produced for Danny Atar's visit to JNF USA, December 2019).
ISRAEL 2040 (English - German) (Presentation), February 2019  
Young Adults’ Convention in Northern Israel July 2019 
KKL-JNF 2040 Initiative Presented at European Leadership Conference in Paris, June 2019 
  2040 - List Of Projects (Presentation), June 2019
  European Leadership Conference Paris (Brochure)
  Logo (English, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, German, French, Chinese)
Project 2040 on KKL-JNF Official site 
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Israel 2040: Turning the Negev and Galilee into Hi-Tech Hubs - an Animation, December 2019
KKL-JNF: A Vision and a Promise to Build a Brighter Future, (December 2019 English, French
Kamtech (CamTech), a KK-JNF high-tech education initiative in Arad
ISRAEL 2040 presented at the Influencer Conference
Held on September 5, 2019 at the Expo Tel Aviv Convention Center. Hebrew clip produced by the KKL-JNF Spokesperson's Office, Jerusalem.
  KKL JNF 2040 – Moving to the land of tomorrow (June 2019)  English, Hebrew, French subtitle, French, Spanish  and Russian

How KKL-JNF Scholarships Spur Innovation in Northern Israel


How KKL-JNF Scholarships Spur Innovation in Northern Israel (Short Version)

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