Shimon Peres and KKL-JNF throughout the years - Articles

Scenic Lookout in Memory of Lt-Gen. Amnon Lipkin Shahak Inaugurated at Givat HaBroshim  March, 2015

KKLJNF at the Presidential Conference: What's New in New Media?   June 24, 2012

Presidential Conference: Learning from Mistakes on the way to Tomorrow  June 24, 2012

President Peres Presents Beautiful Israel Award to KKL-JNF  August 30, 2012

President Shimon Peres sends personal greetings to the Presidents' Conference in celebration of 110 years of KKL-JNF  March 2011

President Peres Plants Acacia Tree at Arava Open Day  January 2011

Celebrating 60 Years of Development Towns at the President's Residence  December 07, 2011

Israel’s President and Prime Minister Inaugurate KKL-JNF Tu BiShvat Events  January 25, 2010

Italian KKL-JNF Delegation Visits President Peres on his 86th Birthday   August 17, 2009

President Peres at the Arava Agricultural Exhibition: "Hope Springs from the South"  February 5, 2009

"Birds Know No Borders, Neither Does Art" – President Peres Visits Artists at Hula Lake Park  March, 2009

Olive Harvest at the President’s Residence  November 1, 2008

Cleaning Up Israel with President Shimon Peres “Take up your Brooms”  October 22, 2007

Seclusion – The Solution to Overcrowding A Return Visit to Individual Farmsteads in the Negev
 December 11, 2005





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