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Civilians on the Front Line: KKL-JNF Is There for Them

 May 2018

Recently, sirens have sounded throughout the communities surrounding the Gaza Strip, warning residents to take shelter from the hundreds of rockets and mortar shells fired on Israel from Gaza.

Once again the routine of life has been disrupted, sleep is restless, hours are spent in protected spaces, there will be young children who will suffer trauma and the trauma of four years ago will be triggered in older children.

In a radio interview on May 30, Wednesday morning, Head of the Sdot Negev Regional Council Tamir Idan said, "Zionism is in the blood of the residents here. No one can make us give up — not one hundred nor one thousand missiles can make us move from here and stop developing the region."

Tami Halevi, a resident of Kibbutz Nahal Oz for 60 years and chairman of the Sha'ar Hanegev Association: "After Operation Protective Edge there was quiet. We absorbed 20 families, with many more on the way . . . Nahal Oz is an amazing community and we will continue to grow, strengthening the community and absorbing new families. This is a gem of a place."

KKL-JNF has stood with the Gaza envelop communities from the start and supports and facilitates their development and quality of life.

Following the emergency situation on the northern border, KKL-JNF responded immediately to the needs of the residents' of the Golan and launched worldwide campaigns for 100 mobile bomb shelters.

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In the above tabs you can find a variety of marketing materials to promote projects for donation for the people who live on the borders, contributing to strengthening the region, enlarging communities and creating quality living environments that attract families to make their homes there. These include • texts • maps indicating the range of rocket fire • banners • slogans • KKL-JNF's involvement in each region • campaign ideas

Throughout the years, KKL-JNF has worked on behalf of the residents of confrontation line communities in the southern and northern regions. Its many areas of activity has included preparing land for agriculture and housing in new and veteran communities, enabling them to absorb new families, thereby strengthening the periphery • developing public open spaces for quality of life in urban centers and periphery communities and their adjacent forests • developing tourism infrastructure • developing agricultural security roads in cooperation with relevant ministries • planting life-saving security trees in cooperation with the IDF • and developing informal education initiatives.

In times of emergency KKL-JNF responds to the immediate needs of the country and those of the region's residents. These include: building bomb-proof play areas and rooms for kindergartens and nursery schools, purchasing and installing portable bomb shelters as required, hosting children from vulnerable areas at KKL-JNF Field and Forest centers and providing supervised activities for the children confined to bomb shelters that contribute to reducing stress and related damage to health incurred by living in the volatile region.

Indeed, one of KKL-JNF major contributions is in helping people lead normal lives, with activities providing fun and recreation and our forests providing calm and tranquility. KKL-JNF leads the "fight for normalcy" in Israel—the best way to fight violence and terrorism.

KKL-JNF, together with its partners worldwide, is always there, supporting the residents of confrontation line communities through thick and thin, before, during and after military confrontations.

It is important that we continue our efforts on their behalf.

 KKL-JNF Resource and Development Division