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Forest Fires Are on the Rise:

Israel is Facing a Climate and Ecological Crisis


Every year, KKL-JNF combats an average 600 wildfire events that ravage an average 1,400 hectares of forests and open spaces.  


Forest fires in Israel are becoming more frequent, more intense, and more destructive. Scientists point to a strong correlation between wildfires and hot summers, which are increasingly longer and hotter due to climate change. Wildfires release massive amounts of carbon dioxide in the air, increasing the greenhouse effect, creating even higher temperatures and increasing the probability of extreme fires.

These wildfires, caused also by human negligence and terrorism, result in immense environmental destruction to humans, wildlife, vegetation, landscapes, soil, and air.

To protect forests against fire, KKL-JNF works all year round on mapping them, pruning trees, removing of dry brush and tree waste, preparing access roads, all the while training firefighting teams and providing them with the most advanced equipment.

When fire does strike, KKL-JNF‘s foresters and firefighters work day and night alongside Israel’s Fire and Rescue teams, risking their lives to salvage every inch of green they can.

KKL-JNF is working constantly on improving fire detection and prevention methods, combining its knowledge of the forest and land with hi-tech and advanced operating systems.



Unfortunately, wildfires leave behind a trail of destruction that can take decades to rehabilitate.

"There are forests that will not regenerate on their own and it will take us 20 to 30 years to rehabilitate them." Moshe Baruchi, KKL-JNF employee, Be'eri Forest 


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This project implements the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)




 KKL-JNF Global Resource Development Division
*Update July, 2022